Large plastic bags SAYRE 85×105 in colours



Product: Large plastic bags SAYRE 85×105 in colours



Mamás en Acción (Mothers in Action) is a group of people (not only mothers, or women) who accompany children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them, in both happy and hard times. Now they are present in Valencia and Madrid, but their objective is to reach more than 43,000 children in Spain under the custody of the authorities
, which require the support, encouragement and love that every child needs.

Interval Plastic donates SAYRE 85X105 coloured bags for the classification of clothing and other essential products to Mothers in Action We are proud to help this excellent example of a circular economy. With their work, they give a second life to those products and make things easier for other children and families

UNE EN 13592: 2017


UNE EN 13592: 2017