OPERA 06.2 R

Opera 06 2R

Company: MAYA

Product: OPERA 06.2 R




This trolley, made in its 90% with recycled plastic, meets the most stringent demands, thanks to its design and the quality of its materials. PP ReUse Base with 4 metal ø100mm wheels
Four anodised aluminium support bars
8 ABS tray brackets fixed with stainless steel screws
1 PP ReUse Tray 45x29x10cm
1 support bar with pole handle holder in PP ReUse
1 PP ReUse Shelf 32×50 cm
2 PP ReUse 7 l Buckets (1 red and 1 blue one)
1 PP bag holder
2 PP 15 l ReUse Buckets
1 ReUse press wringer
One wringer support – painted metal ø20mm
2 Aluminium push bars
1 FixT ABS pole handle holder